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to DJ Davant's landing page. I am DJ Davant. A bit about this website and the landing site you find yourself on. This is my personal website where I am sharing different creative aspects of my life with Friends, Family, and anyone that wants to see a part of my journey.

The Morning Coffee;

This is the title idea of a Podcast project I am currently working on. The idea behind it is just to share different thoughts I have while I am sipping on my morning coffee as I prepare for my day. Most of these topics will be ideas that revolve around a central question. Its currently a work in process but once I get a few together and I have a solid 80% solution I'll plan on publishing it and refining them once I have outside feed back.

If you ever want to reach out to me and share some ideas feel free to go over to my social media accounts (top left corner on the full site) or email me at

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